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What Our Clients Are Saying

These are extracts from genuine email messages of thanks from recent clients.

“Thanks once again for your unconditional efforts of always teaching, guiding, and coaching us.” - TS

“From my side, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us to help improve our performance. And it is making a difference for sure!” – JR

“Thanks for all the advice you gave to us and helping us to improve our plant, we really needed such a mentor.” – JK

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About Our Services

Glass Container Manufacturing Consulting Ltd (GCMC) is available to separately serve glass container production plants, users of glass packaging (fillers, brands and end-consumers), as well as assisting business people or investors only just getting involved with the glass container industry.

Helping Users of Glass Packaging and Business People/Investors New to Glass Container Manufacturing is highly dependent upon their particular needs. Special programmes of assistance are set up according to their specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss if you have any particular need for expert help in this area, either with glass containers or the manufacturing process.

For Glass Container Manufacturing Plants, there is a standard focus is on quality, productivity and cost control leading to improving plant profitability. Our deep knowledge and understanding of the glass container business is focused on adding value to each individual plant operation. Even the very best performing factories can improve.

The overarching objective is to stimulate change towards operational excellence and set achievable goals, resulting in tangible and measurable benefits that are judged against benchmarking with world-class industry performances.

The end result has to be sustained performance from these measurable improvements. The new procedures and standards implemented are necessarily tailored to local conditions. Local plant personnel are to be trained in sustaining the improvements by effective knowledge transfer.

Measurable opportunities for productivity improvements and cost savings that we identified in one large factory was approximated by an external assessment to be around $3 million per annum. This was all without any additional capital investment requirements, just simply changing the way things are done.

GCMC is an organised collection of Independent Glass Container Manufacturing Consultants & Experts. Each glass container production consultant or expert is a specialist in their own particular area of glass container manufacturing of bottles, jars and other types of glass containers.

Your glass container project or problem will be allocated to the optimal team available for the task at hand.

Today, the same repeating customers are served as well as new customers who hear about the benefits of employing glass container production experience to solve their problems or identify new opportunities.

Here Are Some Example Focus Areas, Easily Delivering Specific & Measurable Benefits:

  • Ideal Raw Materials Selection
  • Furnace Operation Optimisation
  • Forehearth Operations & Maintenance
  • Container & Mould Design
  • Forming Evaluation
  • Manufacturing Defect Reduction
  • Production Speeds Assessment
  • Glass Forming Processes – BB, PB, NNPB
  • Preparing for NNPB Production
  • Job Change Improvement
  • Production Improvements
  • Mould Gear Repair Procedures
  • Mould Gear Life Extension & Cost Reduction
  • IS Machine Repair & Maintenance
  • Plant Equipment Maintenance
  • Cold End Layouts & Equipment Set-up
  • Packaging Equipment Optimisation
  • Factory Layout & Design/Specification
  • Evaluation of Capital Investment Plans
  • Audits of Operational Procedures
  • Assessment of Equipment Usage
  • Poor Quality Claims Assistance
  • Optimising Production & Sales Mixes for Profitability
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development
  • Assessing Organisational Roles and Responsibilities
  • In-depth Onsite Evaluations (2 days to 4 Weeks)
  • Developing Culture Change and Plant Team Working
  • Expert Witness services for supporting legal cases

Which topics from that list resonate with you?

Are you ready to take the action to bring remedy to those topics?

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Here is a Deeper Dive into Just a Few Examples of Our Services

Production Quality & Efficiency Improvement Assistance

Identifying certain key Best Practices that are not being followed can radically change the output of a glass production factory. Many glass factories follow the procedures that have been inherited through several generations, for many years.

Unfortunately, this can lead to some bad practices. Those loyal employees who are working closely with the Plant are not always in a good position to identify these problems and implement the appropriate solutions. Despite their best efforts, which we are sure are recognised and appreciated.

However, having outside help from glass container specialist consultants can quickly identify the problems and advise on best manufacturing practices.

The result can be a breakthrough in performances without changing any equipment or spending large amounts of money.

New Plant Technical Specification

Glass Container Plant specification is important to ensure the right equipment is installed to give the ability to serve the target market. This all starts with understanding the intended market and carrying out a paper exercise to confirm the profitability of the intended investment. 

No matter whether you intend to build a glass container plant to deliver 120-tonnes per day or 1000-tonnes per day, the process is the same that you should go through. We work with capital equipment and material suppliers and assess the costs of running the plant and compare this to the market prices achievable. 

This way, you can assess the potential profitability of the glass container plant without even having any knowledge of the industry. Simple spreadsheet summary calculations give you all the information you need to take an investment decision

Technical Due Diligence Exercises

Checking that you are running with the best equipment available in the industry is important. For the larger groups of companies, they have ready access to this information by comparing the equipment and performances of each of their glass plants. For the smaller manufacturer, or even larger manufacturer who is not part of a large group, it is not so easy to be sure you have the best equipment. 

It is not also about having the best equipment, it is knowing whether these are being used in an optimal way that delivers all the way to productivity and quality. Many plants of the equipment, but fail to get the best out of what they have. 

A Technical Due Diligence exercise will identify any matters that need to be addressed. This can then be integrated into the business strategy, or sometimes actions are able to be implemented immediately.

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Focus Areas of a Few Recent Projects

Glass Manufacturing Process Specialist Training

Perhaps the least invested area in the glass container industry is training. Much of this can be obtained from the equipment suppliers although not in every case.

In some cases, where training can be supplied from the suppliers of equipment, this is more centred around the technical set-up and does not include experience with running the glass manufacturing process.

Bespoke training can be arranged by one of our experts who specialises in the area of training needs. Recent examples include Forehearth Training, Mould Repair Training, NNPB Set Up and Operational Training. Training has also been made available for customers of the glass industry to give them a more detailed understanding of the glass-making process.

This is proven to be effective with the glass plant auditing process where the customer wants to be assured of the competence of their suppliers running a glass factory that will ensure good quality is produced. Other training areas can also be covered. According to client needs.

 Technical & Commercial Advice for "Newbie" Glass Plant Investors

The clients of this project are new to glass and needed some guidance. They already had a technical proposal for a plant but upon enquiry, they were not sure of their particular chosen glass market.

We, therefore, took them right back to the basics and built up a realistic 'job mix' and then reviewed the plant specification they had against that.

The tonnage they were told was a small nominal 125-tonne per day furnace and they thought they would make that much glass each day!

However, pulled tonnage depends on job mix and production scheduling and therefore this was simulated as a worst-case 'random' planning schedule and confirmed to be 110-tonne per day.

The exact average tonnage estimate obtained was then used in a larger cost model to assess the potential project profitability be entering this into the Plant Cost Model.


Peter J Firth M.Sc.

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